Fast & Reliable home delivery

Purchasing the abortion pills online in Dubai in our store is really secure and fast. We accept AMAZON GIFT CARDS as online payments, We accept cash on delivery. Now some cases of delivery divers, At times we ask our clients to pay a fee in advance depending on the circumstances at hand. After necessary agreements are met, We then set out for home delivery. Our agents are very respectful & clean, The safety of your medication 100% guaranteed and delivery is as fast as possible. Clients are expected to provide us with a GPS location via WhatsApp to help us reach your location in all simplicity. With all your necessary available, we’ll provide our delivery services to you at the comfort of your home around Dubai in the time range of at most 2hours.

You can’t use the abortion pills?, Don’t worry”

24/7 Assistance & Guide

East London Pharmacy is the only pharmacy that actually takes the time to follow up its clients to ensure a safe abortion during the process. Unlike other online sellers who only care about the money & the fame in selling online, We actually have a team of professionals to assist you during the process. Our staffs are qualified gynecologist ready to answer al your questions 24/7 so you can be assured you’re in the services of the best. We don’t only think about the money, We also provide after services follow ups, Meaning we keep in close collaboration with our clients even after the abortion process is successful. Sometimes not all abortion are totally successful, So a brief follow up is necessary. We also provide free replacements should in any case the process fails. So clients are totally protected and 100% satisfied. We’ve been working since 2015 and have recorded no fails due to our extra qualified team &n very submissive clients, so we urge you to completely follow our abortion steps carefully.