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Abortion pills in Kuwait

If you are carrying an unwanted pregnancy in Kuwait and wish to terminate the same, you need to know what are your options for abortion in Kuwait.

According to the GAPD (Global Abortion Policies Database) abortion law Kuwait, Abortion is permitted to save the life of the woman, preserve her physical health, preserve her mental health, and if there is foetal impairment. Otherwise, abortion is restricted.

women in Kuwait have very limited abortion options, they cannot avail of safe abortions there for major reasons like a contraceptive failure or unmarried girl abortions or abortions for pregnancies that are a result of rape/incest.

They often seek safe abortions in neighboring countries. Since the immediate neighbors also do not have liberal abortion laws, the majority of women from Kuwait have been travelling to India to seek safe abortions. But thanks to our services available in Kuwait no need for women to travel to India. We are a reliable healthcare center offering safe and effective medical abortion pills to women with contraceptive failure, unmarried or a result of rape/incest.


Your pregnancy might be as a result of an immoral act like rape/incest. This is a huge burden on a woman when she is undergoing both physical as well as mental shock and still has no legal way out of it. Moreover, in a country like Kuwait, families consider this as a hard blow to their social status.

You are pregnant out of wedlock, you are unmarried or divorced or a widow.

Contraceptives you took failed to result in an unwanted pregnancy.

You do not want a child for social reasons like already a complete family or you are not ready for parenting. Many couples in Kuwait have both working partners and they may not want a child when they are trying to go ahead in their career. But they do not have a legal abortion option open in Kuwait and in such events they end up with unsafe methods for terminating unwanted pregnancies.

You do not want a child for economic reasons. You may think whether you’ll be able to provide the unborn child with all the basic needs, good education and life. Many couples may at some point in their life think of not having a child due to economic reasons and they may end up with an unwanted pregnancy as a result of contraceptive failure. But they cannot avail a legal abortion in Kuwait even if they wish to terminate the ongoing pregnancy.


We offer you safe medicated abortion pills even without prescription, Like Mifegest kit, Unwanted kit, Combipack, Mifepristone and Misoprostol 200mg, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, Misoclear.

The first and the most important thing to do when faced with an unwanted pregnancy in Kuwait, is to relax and feel free. We do understand how and what you may be feeling right now. And we are concerned for you, your reproductive rights and your health above all, which is why we have come up with this post.

Obtain a safe medical abortion with one of our trained medical practitioner having the necessary qualifications and training to perform the same day abortion for you by providing you with 2 types of the medical abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol.


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