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Misoprostol in Dubai Pharmacy Over the Counter

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Misoprostol is a medication that is used to treat stomach ulcers. It is a synthetic prostaglandin that works by reducing the production of stomach acid. This medication is available in a tablet form and is taken four times a day.

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Generally in United Arab Emirates (UAE) it is impossible to get misoprostol abortion pills over the counter in the UAE except prescribed by a medical Doctor or approved by the UAE health authority provided the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or was developed in fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy)

However, without misoprostol in Dubai pharmacy, we use the most effective misoprostol abortion pills that terminate pregnancy from 1 week to 28th weeks.

How is misoprostol taken?

Misoprostol is put in the mouth to dissolve, either in between the cheek and gum or under the tongue.

NB: You don’t need to take misoprostol vaginally, and no one ever needs to insert it for you. Mifepristone is only available in a limited number of countries around the world.

Medications for Abortion: Complete Abortion

  1. The premature expulsion from the uterus of the products of conception of the embryo or of a nonviable fetus. The four classic symptoms, usually present in each type of abortion, are uterine contractions, uterine haemorrhage, softening and dilatation of the cervix and presentation or expulsion of all or part of the products of conception.
  2. The expulsion or removal of an embryo or fetus from the mother prematurely, this can be done as an artificial procedure, but it often happens naturally when the mother’s body expels the fetus because it has died, has genetic or developmental defects, or because of infection or illness in the mother. Natural abortions are typically called miscarriages. Medically-induced abortions, which can be completed with surgery or with hormone drugs, are performed because the fetus is unwanted, deformed, not likely to live, or endangers the mother’s life or health (Misoprostol in Dubai Pharmacy) .

The premature stoppage of a natural or a pathological process.

Why is misoprostol used in pregnancy?

Misoprostol assists with diminishing your danger of genuine ulcer entanglements like dying. This medicine secures your stomach lining by bringing down the measure of corrosive that interacts with it. This medicine is additionally utilized in mix with another medication (mifepristone) to end a pregnancy (early termination).

How many tablets of misoprostol should be inserted?

The suggested dose of misoprostol is 800 mcgs (4 200-mcg tablets) inserted vaginally. Study results have exhibited that vaginal organization is more powerful than oral utilization of misoprostol. One portion is around 70% compelling, and 2 is around 84% successful.

5 Tips to Know About Misoprostol for Early Pregnancy

  1. Misoprostol has been studied for early pregnancy loss. Misoprostol, a prostaglandin E1 analogue, reduces the need of suction dilation and curettage (D&C) by up to 60% and shortens the time to completion compared with placebo.1The addition of mifepristone (progesterone receptor antagonist) to misoprostol has been studied as a treatment for early pregnancy loss. However, there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that this regimen is superior to misoprostol alone. The ACOG does not recommend the routine use of mifepristone for the treatment of early pregnancy loss.1
  2. Vaginal administration of misoprostol is recommended for increased efficacy. The recommended dose of misoprostol is 800 mcgs (4 200-mcg tablets) inserted vaginally.Study results have demonstrated that vaginal administration is more effective than oral use of misoprostol. One dose is about 70% effective, and 2 is about 84% effective.1
  3. Patient counseling is important for appropriate administration. Pharmacists should educate patients about the proper administration of the tablets. Administration should take place in the morning or early afternoon. Patients should wash their hands with soap and water and place each tablet one at a time into the vagina as high as possible. Instruct patients to rest for about 30 minutes after inserting the medication.
  4. Tell patients that heavy bleeding may occur. Bleeding usually occurs within 4 to 48 hours after misoprostol administration. If bleeding does not occur within 48 hours, then a repeat misoprostol dose should be administered.1Counsel Patients that bleeding is usually heavier than menses and is generally accompanied by severe cramping. It is normal to see the passage of blood clots and tissue. Heavy bleeding and cramping usually last for about 4 hours. Patients should be relaxing during this time and not engaging in strenuous activity. Educate patients about the importance of having a family member or friend stay with them for support. Recommend that patients contact their obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) if they are soaking 2 maxi pads per hour for 2 consecutive hours. Misoprostol adverse effects may include diarrhea and dizziness. Light bleeding may last for about 2 weeks.

Patients may take OTC acetaminophen to help manage the pain or prescription pain medication (eg, acetaminophen with codeine), along with the misoprostol may be used. It is important for patients not to take both OTC and prescription pain medication to avoid exceeding the daily recommended dose of acetaminophen.

Women who are Rh (D) negative should receive Rh (D)-immune globulin within 72 hours of the first misoprostol administration.1

  1. Follow-up is important after misoprostol administration. Advise patients to follow up with their OB-GYN within 7 to 14 days for an ultrasound to ensure the complete passage of tissue.If tissue remains, then patients can repeat the misoprostol dose or have a D&C.1

Pharmacists can provide education and support for patients experiencing early pregnancy loss.


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