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Cytotec Price in Dubai

Cytotec price Dubai, when it comes to medical abortions, the Cytotec price in Dubai can vary depending on the clinic you visit. However, on average, you can expect to pay around 1,500 AED for the medication itself. The Cytotec price will also depend on whether you opt for a surgical or medical abortion. If you choose the latter, you will likely have to pay for additional costs, such as the consultation fee, the cost of the ultrasound, and the anesthesia.

With the CYTOTEC price in Dubai abortion pills are available at the clinic, we are providing Cytotec 200mg abortion pill in Dubai-UAE.. Cytotec online UAE which can also be referred as medication abortion offers an alternative to surgical abortion for women in the United Arab Emirates.

How can I use Cytotec for missed abortion?

You will be given tablets of misoprostol to place into the vagina, dissolve under your tongue or swallow. Your doctor will instruct you as to which route is best for your type of miscarriage. Vaginal administration of the tablets causes the least amount of side effects. They are easily placed in the back of the vagina.

Is Cytotec painful?

Yes, abortion will cause cramping, moderate to heavy bleeding, and moderate pain are normal parts of the abortion process as your uterus passes the pregnancy. Most patients pass blood clots. Cramping usually starts one to four hours after you place the misoprostol in your vagina

How long does it take for Cytotec tablets to work?

This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. For most people, the cramping and bleeding usually starts 1-4 hours after taking the misoprostol.

Depending on the Cytotec price in Dubai, is possible to figure out fake pills.

Can Cytotec damage the womb?

Cytotec may cause the uterus to tear (uterine rupture) during pregnancy. The risk of uterine rupture increases as your pregnancy advances and if you have had surgery on the uterus, such as a Cesarean delivery. Rupture (tearing) of the uterus can result in severe bleeding, hysterectomy, and/or maternal or fetal death.

What antibiotics can I use after abortion?

Doxycycline, Azithromycin and Flagyl are antibiotics to help prevent infections. Take this medication exactly as written on your prescription bottle. Methergine/Ergotamine help to shrink the uterus to its normal size. Take one tablet every 8 hours.

Cytotec price in Dubai Can rage from Dh500-Dh2000 depending on the trimester.

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