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We go extra miles to make sure you get the perfect abortion care you deserve 24/7
Our Abortion Services

We are dedicated to give you abortion support online 24/7.

The various types of abortion pill that’ll be available for you and prescribed to you according to your situation are; (Cytotec by Pfizer, Mifegest Kit, Mifegymiso, RU 486, MTP Kit, Gestapro Kit, Unwanted Kit, Mifeprex) Which all contain Mifepristone & Misoprostol except Cytotec which is only a misoprostol of 10 tablets. 

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You'll under no circumstances be alone during the process, We got you!!!

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Success is guaranteed as we assign to you a personal care assistant for your follow up 24/7
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How the abortion pill ( Mifepristone, Misoprostol) actually work

We provide our clients the most updated and safe usage methods of the abortion pill (Mifepristone & Misoprostol. Watch this video for detailed information

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All Arab countries consider abortion a crime (Haram) to their religion, Hence prohibits this action so humanly just for a person to chose. We take the chances to not only make money, But help young women seeking for an abortion.

Abortion Cost

Though the acquisition of the abortion pill in Arab Countries is 100% difficult due to laws & regulation, We still try to provide you this drugs at a cheaper almost market rates.

Delivery Methods

Despite all the risks involved in transporting & delivering the abortion pill, We apply patience & diligence while making sure we protect your best interest.

Refund & Returns

Meanwhile in most cases, You'll have no need for a refund or return of our services. If you feel the need to do so?, We'll make sure this is done in the most convenient way possible.

How Quick It IS?

Considering abortion?, This process will last 24 hours for results to be visible. The bleeding after effect might last a week or less.
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Our Abortion Assistance & Experts are available 24/7

Are you having some doubts or your personal assistant isn’t friendly enough?, Let us know.

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